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Towards Advanced Indonesia Collaboration Building East Kalimantan

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Jakarta - The vast island of Borneo has made several countries look to collaborate with Indonesia in developing, Kutai Mulawarman Royal Council (KMRC) International in this form of cooperation between countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Africa and Hong Kong. This collaboration meeting was held at the Borobudur hotel Jl. Central Jakarta Banteng Square very smoothly on Thursday (05/23/19).

Cooperation in the form of the Kutai Mulawarman Royal Council (KMRC) International (M) SDN BHD. Representated by Prince Dato 'Seri Dr Goh Kwee Keng PhD, JP. Malaysia PT Bangun Benua Pratama represented by President Director Commissioner Erry and chaired by Maharaja Kutai Mulawarman A. Iansyahrechz Indonesia's representative, Foreign port in deputy by, chairman Prince Tan Sri Dr. Aixinjueluo Yuhao and other participants from several countries such as Africa, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Gold Coletral Kutai Mulwarman Kingdom Company Company Continent Pratama Organizes Kingsmen Metting Greetings Welcome and congratulations on this cooperation between countries, To the guests of the Conference who were present from Thayland Kingdom, Malaysia Kingdom, Hongkokng, the Presentation of the Bangun Benua Pratama Project. And. Submission of the Kukar Regional Government program and closed with Joint Opening (where the point is).

Presentation of Mega Projects of New Modern Satellite Cities in East Kutai, This Container Dock in Tenggarong, East Kalimantan is in the form of cooperation, between countries is a form of close brotherhood between countries and wants the people of Kalimantan to progress together like Java and the others.

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