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The Eye of West Africa-GAMBIA

1.西非冈比亚建材城 PIC1.jpg

Major Focus

There are many categories of Building Materials, and the correlation between industries is low. According to the actual management of the industry, 31 industries were selected and divided into three major areas: durable consumer goods, fast moving consumer goods and light industrial machinery and equipment. The development of key technologies, key development products and upgraded content were identified. direction.​

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Spatial Function Planning

Administrative service area

•The most advanced industrial management

  center in Gambia

• The best and most comprehensive administrative

  service base in Gambia

•Industrial development and the best venue for  

  improving the quality of life of employees

•Market demand data in conjunction with local government

Industrial Industry Core


•Align with Gambia’s development strategies to promote sustainable business operations in the industrial sector

•Combining the concepts of timber, water conservancy, mining, and agriculture in the new industry

•Provide factory land, administrative center and activity function space

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