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Magnifying and Kutai kingdom Penjawat Mulawarman 1000 Bukber with Orphans and Dhuafa

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Magnifying and Kutai kingdom Penjawat Mulawarman 1000 Bukber with Orphans and Dhuafa

Depok, Jawa Weight - Sripaduka Majesty Maharaja Prof.Dr.Honorary Causa Srinala Pradita Alpiansyahrechza Pachlevi Wangsawarman Phd.Maharaja Kutai Kings of Mulawarman Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the archipelago along Authorities Penjawat Mulawarma Kutai kingdom held a joint Compensation and Open (Bukber) 1000 with Orphans and Dhuafa , Giat event held at the meeting of the Golden Dome Mosque Depok, Wednesday, 05.22.

The series of events Bukber 1000 Orphans, orphans and persons with disabilities featuring a variety of art and creation of Islamic, while waiting for the time to break the fast, There were smiles and cheerfulness diwajah Orphans seen from the look on his face, On the occasion Sripaduka Majesty Maharaja Srinala Pradita Alpiansyahrechza Pachlevi Wangsawarman Phd blending together Orphans and persons with disabilities, shaking hands and given gifts.

"Ramadan Brings Blessings" into a theme of the event is open along 1000Yatim fatherless orphans and persons with disabilities.

Also present at the Acar Authorities and penjawat Mulawarman Kutai Kingdom.

Kaltim Development (M) Sdn. Bhd. CEO. Prince Dato 'Seri Dr. Goh Keng Kwee, PhD JP, who is also the President of the International KMRC, together with PT. Royal Kaltim Global with perwakil from outside the country that chaired by the President of the World Peace Council Royal Union (WRPCU) Prince Dr. Yuhao Aixinjueluo Gambia along entourage including Africa, China, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Dato 'Seri Yap Wee Howe, Dato' Seri Mong Qi Qi, Dato 'Seri Jonet Salina Binti Dato' Zhu Li Jun, Dato 'Yu Haifeng, Prince Dato' Sri Dr. Gopinath, Dato 'Qiu Jun, the Dato' Choo Hong Kean, Dato 'Tiyo Chin Hock, Dato' Chua Ai Lin, Deng Huahui (JP), Ko Chung Hui (JP), Dato 'Mohd Joned Bin Mohd Currently, Dato' Norshafhini Binti AB Aziz, Prince Alfredo Belarek Son Henry, Princess Anggelie Edit Son Henry, Dato 'Nelly Bint Shafiee Usawi, Princess Endang Purwanti, SH, Prince Ery Affandi, Sri Tumenggung Andi Lasmono, Sri Tumenggung Toni Setiawan, Sri Hero Member Reza well as number of other invitees including Mrs. Neni of Heritage Culture Collection (WBN).

Excerpts from the committee record, In the event a meaningful preface to the beginning, been a long time langsatnya fruitful, not until now stems fall, has long been the intention in the bladder before now diizin God.

In the closing sentence written, Uphold customary until doomsday, upholding lifelong religion, Moga Majlis obtain mercy, To all honorable Majlis.

Let us dear fellow, according to custom and religion, to perpetuate human brotherhood, we Resembling Between body and soul.

Meanwhile, on-site observation, after a series of events, number of orphan pictures together Sripaduka Majesty Maharaja Srinala Pradita Alpiansyahrechza Pachlevi Wangsawarman, Phd. And continued with the Iftar Together (Bukber)

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