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Special Envoy on

Trading & Investment Service

Dr. Deng Hua Hui JP

Since 2015, Dr. Deng Huahui JP has participated in Asian Economic & Trade Cooperation Council for efficient development and utilization of various green and clean energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy and water energy. With unique insights into the development and utilization of various new energy sources, various new energy projects can be better served to local governments, enterprises and the public. Great contribution in the professional field.

As the main planner of project and the main person in charge of the construction command, he participated in the preliminary planning and design, medium-term development & construction, and post-operation management of several new energy projects. The projects have achieved good economic and social benefits. Great contribution to the application of the new energy technology. It was highly appreciated by Tan Sri Pro. Dr. Aixinjueluo Yuhao JP, Chairman of the Asia Economic and Trade Cooperation Council.


Dr. Deng Huahui JP's positive contribution to Internet application industry also recognized by many professional organizations and industry peers. It always believes in the motto: "Creating for the benefit of society is the source of continuing spiritual strength." With this belief, we will continue to innovate and change in relevant domestic industries, and we will achieve today's achievements and industry status. Leading the masses to work for a happy and happy life, as a pioneer of the enterprise, has become a model for the enterprising spirit of domestic enterprises and a pioneer in industry. As an outstanding entrepreneur, we operate an admirable green energy business and continue to contribute to society and the people. Proving hard work, perseverance and creativity can make him have today's achievements. In the mall, he is involved in the field of art, financial project investment, marketing, real estate, in any field, he can ignite enthusiasm and achieve good results. In August 2018, Dr. Deng Huahui JP was expected to return, and the high vote was elected. Formally became the development committee of the West African Economic and Trade Cooperation Association, in charge of the new energy development and utilization project.


In the days to come, we will live up to the expectations and work hard for the happy life of the vast majority of the African people! Never let down the ardent expectations of the people from all walks of life! Let the grand blueprint dream come true soon!

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