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Ink Agreement - Gambia's Fisheries & Lincoln University College

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Ink Agreement - Gambia's Fisheries & Lincoln University College

THE GAMBIA - Ministry of fisheries and water resources and the agro-technology and ocean resources research centre of Lincoln University College in Malaysia recently signed a five-year memorandum of understanding on fisheries management.

According to officials, the MoU will support the Ministry’s strive in advancing the management and development of the Gambia’s marine resources as well as provide Gambians the opportunity to exchange ideas on fish farming and related industry.

Speaking at the event, the minister of fisheries James Gomez said the agreement will help them attain their goals of enhancing the sectors’ efforts in providing employment opportunities for Gambians and attaining food security.

He welcomed the agreement, saying despite the fact that The River Gambia is abounded with both salt and fresh water fish species and a host of other marine lives, the ministry still continues to face constraints in the management of aquatic resources.

For their part, the Gambia’s Ambassador at Large in South East Asia Tan Sri Dr Aixinjueluo Yuhao, the Vice Dean of Lincoln University College Dr. Zhang Anshun and Dr. Yap V.Howe,what they described as a fruitful and win-win venture for the two institutions. They reaffirmed their continued support to the Gambian people especially in the area of fisheries.

The permanent secretary Ministry of Fisheries, Dr. Bamba Banja cited the MoU as a milestone for the ministry in 2019, noting that it is an opportunity for Gambians to acquire skills in research and development of fisheries and aquaculture.

“This five-year project is completely funded by the Lincoln University College in Malaysia and there will be an annual payment of three million dalasi for the effective conduct of our activities”, he revealed.

A local partner to the Malaysian team Kebba K. Krubally spoke at length about the contributions of Malaysia to the development of the Gambia. “The Malaysian counterparts have supported the country in different sectors ranging from health, education to agriculture and we believe there will be more and more partnership with Ambassador Yuhao and his team”, said Mr. Krubally.

The officials of the Ministry of fisheries and the Lincoln University College are hopeful that the agreement will help to strengthen the skills of Gambians on aquaculture and exchange of scientific ideas in fisheries management, which by extension will boost the country’s socio-economic development.

Ambassador-at-large of The Gambia, Tan Sri Dr.Aixinjueluo Yuhao and his team were interviewed by local media.

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