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CSR Award 1919

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

CSR Award 1919 - Passing Love, Warming Heart

The CSR Award 2019 “Passing Love, Warming Heart”, which is sponsored by Gold Tinkle Chuangfeng Group was officially concluded at the Wang Yuehai Grand Hall on 1st September 2019. In this event, there are total 26 winners from different professional field were awarded as appreciation on their kind dedications for society. Besides, the AMBASSADOR - AT - LARGE OF GAMBIA IN SOUTH EAST ASIA - Tan Sri Dr. Aixinjueluo Yuhao JP was also the winner of the CSR Award 2019.

During the speech, Tan Sri Dr. Aixinjueluo Yuhao JP has shared about what had he experienced in West Africa. He hoped that this event would lead more people to see some different things from West Africa. If we could focus and gather the power of society through charitable activities, it will be a very good thing to wake up more love to help more people in need.


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